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Juan Santamaría Costa Rica Airport Informational Guide to Juan Santamaría Costa Rica International Airport - Non Official

Juan Santamaria Airport Terminals

Juan Santamaria Costa Rica Airport consists of an integrated passenger terminal, the Main Terminal, which hosts international flights.

Please note that both arriving and departing passengers are separated by glass walls.

On the other hand, since 2018, there’s a second terminal: The Domestic Terminal 

Currently, there’s an ongoing project to join the Domestic Terminal and International Terminal by a walkway. A parking adjacent to the Domestic Terminal is also under construction too.

Find more information below about the terminals at Juan Santamaria Airport:

Main Terminal

It is the main terminal of the airport. It consists of 16 boarding gates and it is split into three levels. Avianca is the largest carrier.Also known as Terminal M. 

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Domestic Terminal

It exclusively operates domestic flights. Also known as Terminal D. 

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